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Employees First: Ways to Reap the ‘Cream of the Crop’

Staying on the top is every company’s goal, and employees – along with the leadership – are responsible for this. In today’s ultra-competitive business world, there is pressure to hire the best talents in the market, particularly for small organizations or businesses that don’t have sufficient resources and machinery to compete with bigger companies bannering higher salaries.

But it is not always about the salary. As expectations from the workforce have changed over the past years, and the current pandemic situation, bagging the top, high-quality talents out there would only be a walk in the park for companies with a more creative and employee-centric list of perks.

Here are the smart, effective ways to clinch your target employees:

  1. Healthy Company Culture

Employees value work-life balance. Offering them remote working and flexible schedules are common tactics to attract and retain hires as benefits, location, and commute time are increasingly important factors today.

It is also crucial for your company to regularly review workloads as a way of communicating that productivity weighs more than the hours rendered to prevent burnout or slacking off, and create a digitally healthy working environment for the workforce.

Note: Taking the extra steps to give your employees what they need, in exchange for their exquisite work, will help you get and keep the top talents that you want.

2. Boost Company or Brand Visibility

Brand visibility focuses on the frequency at which people see your brand in search results, thereby creating a positive reputation or standing in the industry. Increasing your brand visibility will not only attract experienced and polished candidates but will also help improve your customer relationships.

How can you do this?

Creating brand identity should be the first priority of every organization. It tells the personality of your company or how you present yourself to the public. Your brand identity is also what sets you apart from the rest.

Search engine optimization or tactics are some of the most organic ways to show at the top of relevant searches. Its central aim is to make your services or brand more discoverable to your targeted audiences.

Online content specific to the type of social media that you’re using is also vital to boosting your brand visibility.

Successful brands are frequently discussed on social media platforms, and knowing what, when, and where to post will increase your chances of appearing to search. With more and more people spending time online due to the pandemic, now is the time to build and solidify your online presence.

3. Set up a program to develop or retain talents

Having and providing a competitive edge for employees through learning and skill-building increases your chances of attracting top talents and retaining your current assets.

According to a report released by LinkedIn, employees tend to search for new companies for better career paths and leave over lack of advancement opportunities.

4. Career progression and promotion

As your company grows, it is logical to share the growth with your employees.

Reviewing pay scales and making room for promotions for employees with excellent workplace performances can increase talent retention, improve morale, and motivate employees to work hard and deliver the best possible results.

These can also foster friendly competition, team work, and collaborations which can help increase employees’ learning curve while the company enjoys the benefits from the improved work performances.

But the question is,

When to promote employees?”

The right time to promote an employee varies for each position employee. Skills and abilities, work performance, education and training qualifications, seniority, and leadership potential are among the things to consider when you decide to promote an employee.


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