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How Mainstreaming Digital Learning in the Philippines Can Boost Employee Satisfaction

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

With the overwhelming crisis that the world is currently facing, various sectors were forced to innovate their process through digital systems. More and more businesses nowadays have transitioned their marketing and sales using multiple online platforms in our country.

The same is true in our education sector, schools and universities shifted their traditional classes into a digital learning delivery. This might look complicated and tedious to some, but we can't help but agree that this is the best direction that our country's learning system should pursue to cope with the demands of the new normal.

According to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), a rapid transition to digital technologies can help our economy overcome the pandemic's effects and bounce back from the crucial state that we are in today.

Digital Learning is not only limited to schools and universities, you can also implement this kind of innovation in different companies for their training and development purposes. Other Philippine-based companies have adopted this process since most of their employees are still working remotely from home.

How will Companies Benefit from Digital Learning?

Are you thinking of transitioning your training system into a digital process? In that case, you are more likely looking for some benefits that digital learning could give to help your company grow amidst our current situation. To help you with that, we want to enumerate four essential benefits that you should look forward to when implementing a digital learning system in your business today.

1. Accessibility

One essential benefit of digital learning is its easy accessibility function for all employees. They can conveniently access all training materials through digital learning via smartphone, tablet, or any digital device. Imagine, when they have an emergency or unexpected travel, it will be convenient for them to continue with all the training materials even if they are in a car, train, or hotel room.

The most important factor of being accessible is that you can schedule your own learning time at any time of the day. In that way, you can pick the most convenient time slot where there are no possible distractions on your end. Also, if you have trouble catching up with other employees in terms of understanding a specific company process, you don't need to worry. Everything is recorded, so you can study and learn according to your own pacing.

2. Community

If you're thinking about fewer connections and collaborations in digital learning, you have to think again. With the advancement of technology systems that we currently have, digital interactions and communications have become more accessible and livelier to everyone.

In terms of sharing perspectives and best practices, employees can create a forum discussion wherein everyone can contribute to one another's growth. Apparently, they can also create private groups if an employee is not comfortable sharing challenges on a more extensive group set-up.

Even if they are kilometers away from one another, with the help of digital innovation like video calls, they can easily connect to other employees whenever they need to accomplish something for a specific group activity.

Apart from learning, they can also have fun through online engagement activities and games at the comforts of their home. Not to mention the rewards and recognitions that they will receive upon participating and winning in the activities. Gone are the days of boring learning systems because by doing it digitally, the employee will realize that they can actually enjoy and learn simultaneously.

By Adapting digital learning in your business, you create an avenue for your people to become closer with each other even if they are technically away from each other.

3. Flexibility

In terms of styles and strategies, digital learning is flexible. This system can easily cope up and modify according to the needs of your employees. Whether they prefer using Ebooks, audiobooks, videos, slide presentations, and other forms of digital tools, the company can quickly provide that for them.

Also, it will not be an issue if some preferred reading materials while others preferred watching videos since everything is integrated according to a single standard. You can also adjust the way your company communicates by using various communication platforms according to the availability of each employee.

The more flexible your training style is, the more it will become engaging and exciting to the employees. In that way, you create an environment where your manpower wants to continually thrive and contribute to your company because they will feel the value and investment you have given them.

4. Measurability

In the traditional training process, the trainer usually provides a feedback form to assess the quality of the company's training. It will be encoded, tallied, and projected to breakdown all the good remarks and areas for improvement. Just by reading it will make you conclude how time-consuming that process is.

In digital learning, even the feedback form is automated. The employees can answer the form right after the training, and you can easily download a report that will sum up all the feedback, making your reports organized and timely.

In digital learning, you can also track the training's output or effectiveness by accessing the report of every employee's record. In that way, you can easily distinguish which activity is beneficial from those who need improvement.

The best thing about measurability is that you can monitor each employee's challenges, so the company can reach out to them and offer the necessary help.

How to Start Investing in Digital Learning?

The best way to start transitioning your company's training and development process to digital learning is to carefully study what tools and strategies will work best for your people.


If you need help and support with your digital transformation, our team will be more than glad to assist you. We can sit down and plan with you regarding the best strategy, tools, technologies, platforms, and techniques you can use to start your digital learning process.

Rest assured that we will guide your company from the planning to implementation and even up to the evaluation stage.

If you want to know more about our services, please contact The Team at Prevo right away or you may also visit our website to know more about what we love to do!

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