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This program is designed for Vista Manila’s people leaders, from supervisors to senior
managers. It offers a comprehensive approach to equip leaders with coaching
capability that promote innovation. Participants will emerge with the confidence and
tools needed to drive meaningful change and lead their organizations to greater levels
of success through innovation.

Learning Objectives
After this 1-day workshop participants will be able to:
     ● Understand the role of coaching in fostering innovation within teams and organizations.
     ● Develop coaching techniques to encourage creativity and risk-taking among team members.
     ● Learn how to identify and nurture innovative potential within team members.
     ● Acquire strategies for fostering a culture of experimentation and learning within the team.
     ● Gain skills in providing constructive feedback that encourages innovation and growth.
     ● Develop strategies for overcoming common barriers to innovation within teams.
     ● Create a personalized action plan for integrating coaching for innovation excellence into daily leadership practices.

Coaching for Innovation Excellence for Vista

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