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Capacity Building

We can help build your capability to ensure your talents are future-fit. 

  • HR and L&D Innovation Programs

  • Leadership Development

  • Digital Literacy and Skills

  • Train the Trainer

  • Customized Training Programs

Capacity Building

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How Prevo Works

Prevo uses our unique Learning Experience (LX) framework to design and deliver effective programs.

Values-based: We design our programs based on your organization’s/ team’s values. The message, activities, program briefs, will all be anchored to the core of the team.

Experience-based: We allow experience to be the true source of learning. In our programs, we dedicate 10% of the time discussing concepts, 20% of the time on working with others and giving and receiving feedback, and 70% on practice and application.

Game-based: We use game-playing elements to increase engagement in our learning programs. In training, we use Points, Badges, and Leaderboard to allow extrinsic motivation while learning takes place.

Tool-based: We make learning practical. Upon undergoing our training programs, learners will take away tools that they can readily use to apply what they have learned into their day-to-day tasks.

Prevo Learning Experience Framework
Prevo Learning Experience Framework

Our Previous Engagements

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