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Digital Learning Design and Development

We can support you as you empower your people through Digital Learning.

  • Instructional Design

  • Training Program Design and Development

  • Digital Learning Transformation

  • Customized e-Learning Development

  • Interactive and Video-based e-Learning

Digital Learning Design and Development

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How Prevo Works

Prevo Digital Learning Design and Development Methodology

We follow an iterative process for digital learning design and development which involves a systematic approach of planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating digital learning materials or courses. It begins with a needs analysis and planning phase, followed by the design and development of the materials. Testing and evaluation are conducted to gather feedback and make necessary revisions. The revised materials are then implemented and deployed, with ongoing assessment and feedback to drive continuous improvement. This iterative process ensures the creation of effective and engaging digital learning experiences that meet the desired learning outcomes.

Our Previous Engagements

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Course Conversion for Ayala Corporation

Development of Massive Open Online Courses for UNDP 

eLearning Development and Capacity Building for DSWD