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Design and Consulting

We are here to help you drive people-centered HR innovations.

  • HR System Design

  • HR/ L&D Digital Transformation

  • Designing a Learning Organization

  • Designing a Hybrid Workplace

  • Design Thinking for HR

Design and Consulting

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How Prevo Works

We collaborate with clients to design and deliver customized capacity building programs. We begin by assessing the client's needs and goals, followed by designing a tailored program that incorporates various learning methodologies. Stakeholder engagement is prioritized to ensure active participation and support. The program is then delivered through skilled trainers, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation allow for adjustments and improvements. Post-program support may be provided to facilitate the application of newly acquired skills. By leveraging our expertise, we enable organizations to enhance their capabilities and achieve their objectives through effective capacity building initiatives.


Our Previous Engagements

Check out some of the work that we've done with our clients.

Designing a Hybrid Workplace for Cimpress Philippines 

Design Thinking for HR for Quantrics 

Design Thinking for Healthcare for
St. Luke's Medical Center

Digital Learning Transformation for WHO and DOH



Marie, Talent Acquisition & Section Manager

Good Job Team Prevo! Thank you for a very productive week!!!

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 5.14.08 PM.png

Crystal Mae, OVP NCG-House Manager

I enjoyed this training. Very useful and memorable


Karlos, DM ICC

Very supportive Facilitators, and the experiemce was very immersive. I've learned new concepts that are very practical and doable for every rank

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