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Winning the Employee Experience Advantage

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Creating an EX-focused HR strategy requires a new mindset and a new approach. More recently, Design Thinking is being used by HR leaders to transform their process-focused HR operations to more people-centric HR service delivery. Design thinking is regarded as a multi-disciplinary and non- linear approach to view business challenges from a renewed perspective. It has penetrated almost every field of the business, including human resource and is now perceived as a critical skill for any HR practitioner. In HR's context, the principles of design thinking are applied to respond to human-centered questions and to challenge assumptions. It involves having an in-depth understanding of people for whom solutions are being designed and consistently engage them in the process so as to come up with innovative ideas to enhance their workplace experiences. When applied to HR practices such as compensation, rewards, learning, talent development, leadership, and engagement, design thinking offers a new approach to encourage HR practitioners to build solutions that inspire employees to greatness by truly understanding what they need.

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