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Feb 21, 2024 - Feb 21, 2024

Being Innovative at Work

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Embracing innovation is pivotal for professional growth as it enables individuals to adapt to change, solve complex problems, and exhibit leadership qualities. Innovative professionals gain a competitive edge, contribute to increased efficiency, and actively pursue continuous learning. Their ability to foster collaboration and positively impact team dynamics not only advances their career but also builds a strong personal brand. In a rapidly evolving work landscape, innovation becomes a cornerstone for future-proofing one's career, ensuring relevance and success in the face of changing industry demands. Join us in this exclusive learning event designed to empower professionals to embrace innovation in their daily work. This session will delve into the key components of cultivating an innovative mindset, exploring the intersections of creativity and curiosity as catalysts for professional success. Session Agenda: Framing the Importance of Innovation in Professional Success The Power of a Growth Mindset for Innovation Understanding the Relationship Between Creativity, Curiosity, and Innovation Techniques for Enhancing Personal Creativity Integrating Curiosity into Daily Work Practices Successful Professionals and Their Innovative Approaches What will you get when you register and attend? Access to the engaging live learning session Unlimited access to the course materials including the session recording Get downloadable additional resources Join an exclusive group of professionals who want to be more innovative Earn an e-Certificate Discount when you avail an in-house workshop delivery for this course

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