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Creating Microlearning Resources

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Are you looking at making learning experiences more engaging and flexible for your employees? Traditional training methods often involve lengthy, time-consuming sessions that employees find difficult to engage with, leading to low retention rates and suboptimal learning outcomes. Employees also have limited time and attention spans, making it challenging to dedicate extended periods to training. With the rise of remote and dispersed teams, ensuring consistent and accessible training becomes even more challenging. By leveraging microlearning resources, HR and L&D teams can address these pain points by delivering bite-sized, easily digestible content that fits into employees' busy schedules, enhances engagement, and promotes continuous learning and skill development. Join us in this exclusive learning event designed to provide HR and L&D Professionals with innovative strategies to transform traditional training approaches into bite-sized, engaging learning experiences. From breaking down complex topics into digestible modules to leveraging multimedia and interactive elements, you'll learn how to create engaging microlearning content that fits seamlessly into employees' busy schedules and fosters continuous learning. Session Agenda: Introduction to Microlearning Benefits of Microlearning Designing Effective Microlearning Content Creating Bite-Sized Learning Modules using Canva Adapting Microlearning for Remote Work Implementing Microlearning in Your Organization What will you get when you register and attend? Access to the engaging live learning session Unlimited access to the course materials including the session recording Get downloadable additional resources Join an exclusive group of professionals who want to be more innovative Earn an e-Certificate and a digital badge displayed in your Prevo profile 10% discount when you book an in-house training workshop (online or face-face) for this course

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