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Technology plays a very important role in today’s society. We saw a rise in use of technology during the pandemic, when everyone was isolated at home. Offices and businesses transitioned to a work from home scheme, and most business operations including training had to go digital. Because of developments in technology, L&D professionals now have avenues where they can adopt their L&D practices and make their content available to learners anytime and anywhere. With technology, L&D teams and organizations can continue its efforts towards building a culture of learning without any geopgraphical boundaries.


In this series, we aim to equip HR/ Learning and Development Leaders and Practitioners with technical skills to be able to leverage digital tools and technology in implementing their talent development strategies. We will share best practices and emerging concepts and tools used by digital learning professionals around the world. 


Each course can be taken as stand alone course but we highly recommend taking the entire series.


Those who will enroll for the whole Techie Trainer series can also enjoy the following:

  • 1 year access to all resources via Prevo’s online learning platform

  • eStore voucher worth Php2,000

  • Join an exclusive digital learning community in the Philippines

  • FREE 1-hr consultation with Prevo Digital Learning Consultants



Marby Tabungar

Lead Consultant

Prevo Design x Innovation


Marby Tabungar is the Founder and Lead Consultant of Prevo, a leader in human-centered Design and Innovation for People Development and Management in the Philippines. 


She has over 15 years of experience in the field of HR Innovation and Transformation. 


An alumna of Australia Awards Scholarship, she took Entrepreneurship and Innovation as part of her Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Newcastle in Australia. She works across different sectors to design innovative solutions to address organizational challenges. She spearheaded many digital learning transformations and capacity building programs in various areas such as talent development, youth employment, and healthcare. She also served as the Digital Learning Chairperson for the Philippine Society for Talent Development and a Digital Master Trainer Certification Facilitator.



Techie Trainer

  • - Subscription to tools and applications are not included in the course fees. Learners may sign up for free trial during training. Learners must ensure there is 3 weeks remaining in the free trial.

    -Cancellation of enrollment is only allowed up to 14 business days before Day 1 of training. Cancellation beyond this is not eligible for refund. -There must be a minimum of 5 enrollees per course. Prevo has the discretion to cancel or reschedule the training due to low number of enrollment.

    -Learners must ensure availability on all training dates. In case of absence, it’s the learner’s responsibility to catch up on the lesson by watching the session recording and reviewing all resources provided.

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