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Organizational Culture as a Business Advantage

Employees and employers have a common question in mind. What sets an organization apart from the others?

Nowadays, many businesses seek an advantage over other companies by improving their products, services, processes, and even their technologies. Those metrics can bring them on top for a little while. However, in a longer term, competitors can quickly nip at their spots with more advanced technologies and innovative ideas.

Many studies have suggested that a true differentiator that could get your company ahead of the competition is your people. But more than serving your employees with good quality programs and top-of-the-line technologies, it is also essential to build a culture that they love..

A good organizational culture will put unique leverage in your business that competitors can’t easily copy or duplicate. The main reason behind this is that by building a culture, your people tend to develop their sense of belongingness to the company, allowing them to push their limits not as ordinary employees but as vital contributors to the organization.

If you are thinking about building an organizational culture in your business, the perfect time to start is today. If you are still in doubt, let us share some advantages of how culture will help your business thrive.

It motivates people

When speaking about motivation, it is not enough to help your people achieve their goals and provide a fun working environment. You need to help them see a clear direction and purpose that will motivate them to continually push not just on hitting specific company metrics but also in attaining their personal goals in life.

Generally, employees are motivated if the company values their time, thus allowing them to live a purposeful life. In that case, a well-designed organizational culture is the key to providing a clear company direction without neglecting your people's personal needs. A culture that focuses on people is a culture that motivates people.

It helps in decision making

By building a culture in your business, you teach your people to become independent in making work-related decisions. Organizational culture serves as their guideline and reference whenever they have questions in mind when they are in a decision-making process.

Aside from coming up with best decisions, your employees will also be reminded of the company goals and mission whenever they are making decisions. Unconsciously, it will become part of their process whenever they are dealing with company-related issues. You'll never know, your organizational culture could also be adapted by some employees as part of their personal life.

It boosts employee satisfaction

A business with happy and satisfied employees is a business that will most likely thrive for a more extended period. The organizational culture of your business should depict criteria that will satisfy the needs of your people. Providing them an environment that embraces work-life balance, recognizes all their hard work, and supports their personal and professional growth,

Moreover, as your people become satisfied, employee retention will be less of a challenge compared to other businesses. An insight from the 2018 SHRM/GLOBOFORCE Employee Recognition Report, suggests that 47% of HR Professionals acknowledged that employee retention is their biggest workforce management challenge during that year with many suggesting that culture is a major reason.

It improves teamwork

Organizational culture aligns your people with the same goal, bringing them together as a strong team. Even though they have different perspectives and beliefs, a clear and straightforward culture can bind them in a common purpose, thus developing unity.

We all know how vital teamwork is in making a business thrive and succeed. Therefore, an organizational culture that sets expectations on how employees work together and function as a team is highly important. It should break down the ice between employees and guide them on how they can perform together amidst differences.

It promotes employee well being

According to an article in Forbes, company culture drives the performance of their employees. Therefore it is essential to build the proper cultural foundation in your business to impact your people's performance positively.

Building a healthy culture will reduce stress and exhaustion in your company, thus driving your employees to perform better on their task.The organizational culture should portray consistency, open two-way communication, and strong management support to boost your employees in continually doing their best.


What’s Next?

Though it might look simple and easy to start, building a suitable culture for your business takes a lot of time observing, planning, strategizing. Upon reading the article, you could definitely agree that organizational culture is vital in developing your business, especially in the current times wherein most working environments continually become stressful to the employees.

With proper design and guidance,, you can undoubtedly develop a culture that will fit your business. If you need help in shaping your organizational culture, reach out to us, The Team at Prevo, or visit, and we will assist you in designing the culture that prioritizes your people's needs.

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