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In-Demand Digital Skills: Are you Employable Now and in the Future?

Throughout the pandemic, digital processes have become a lifeline to many individuals and businesses. With too many restrictions and limitations in observing health protocols, it's not surprising that online transactions, meetings, and training have become mainstream in keeping businesses functional.

While the digital world is continually innovating, some companies have become more eager to hire people with the digital skills needed to make their business thrive. While others prefer investing in training and tools that would develop the digital skills of their current employees.

So whether you are a business owner who is planning to invest in digital skills training or an employee who seeks to know in-demand digital skills to future- proof your career, this article is for you.

Here are some of the essential digital skills that you should watch out for this 2021.

Digital Creativity

Even before the pandemic hit, most people are already aware of how creative skills can be an asset in a digital set-up. Companies are investing in programs that teach creative skills like digital photography and video editing, design, content writing, and curation.

These skills might be out of the line regarding the industry of your business, but they will be helpful in the process of transitioning into a digital set-up. Businesses nowadays should make an appearance online or else, they will be lagging behind the competition.

Digital Communication

Effective Communication through digital platforms such as chat or instant messaging, emails, and even via social media is critical in engaging and interacting with peers and customers . Customer interaction and virtual team management are skills that companies should include in their talent development program.

Those skills are essential since they will bring stability and consistency to your business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies come in various forms. It could be through email, social media, or web posts. Gone are the days when companies would invest in fliers and other physical materials to promote their company.

In this digital age, online marketing experts are urgently needed in businesses regardless of the industry where it belongs. Your business must be easily found online so you will have leverage against your competitors.

Digital Analysis

Businesses that function online should maximize the usage of data analytics and optimization. In that case, having capability in analytics is an essential necessity that your company should have to technically analyze if your digital tools and procedures are effective and are positively impacting your business.

Digital Sales

Companies across various industries prioritize digital selling through different platforms such as e-commerce websites and social media networks. They have shifted their focus from making traditional sales to improving their sales strategy online by investing in various technologies and training people to master those tools. Learning the art of selling online is a must for any business.

Digital Development

Programming, web and app development, and coding are somehow not new in our vocabulary. Those businesses and individuals involved in this kind of technical skills are less likely to have been impacted by the regression that happened during the pandemic because of its high- tech nature.

Simply put, these types of skills will always be an evergreen demand to all kinds of business. As an employee seeking new skills, investing time and money in learning technical or IT skills will allow you to level up your career.

Digital Customer Service

Because of the quarantine measures implemented in the country, it's more likely to see customers transacting online than doing it physically. Improving your company's customer service strategy will help your business grow by securing loyal customers that will always patronize the service and products you're offering.

In providing training and development programs regarding digital customer service to your people, consider learning about Customer Service in Social Media, Chat, and through Emails. Remember, different platforms require different skill sets.

Digital Leadership

Leading a remote team is challenging since most businesses are not yet familiar on how to do this effectively. Therefore, it is crucial to provide training programs that will develop your leaders' skills in delivering the best leadership support for their team.

It can also apply to future leaders to prepare and fully equip them once they come aboard the leadership team. Some skills that need to improve in digital leadership are online coaching, training, mentoring, and usage of productivity apps.


How's your Digital Skills?

Regardless if you're an employee or a business owner, it is the right moment to assess your knowledge and ability regarding digital skills. If you don’t have the above, therefore it's time to look for resources that will upskill you. Hence, if you're a business owner and still clinging on to the traditional skills that your company has, well, now is the time to review and reconsider your process.

Time is moving fast in the digital age that we are currently in. Whether we like it or not, technology and innovation will continually show drastic changes time after time. The good thing is, it's not too late to invest in building your organization’s capability with these digital skills. If you need help in acquiring these digital skills in your business, please contact The Team at Prevo or visit We’d be glad to help you!

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