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Investing in Talent Development

More often than not, businesses consider talent development as a less focused area in HR practices in the Philippines. Frequently, after onboarding, companies miss to offer programs that will enhance their employees' skills and capabilities. If you think long-term, investing more in people by delivering consistent learning and development programs will bring more significant benefits for the organization. Most companies are just not willing to invest.

Here are some practical reasons why you need to invest in Talent Development programs in your business:


Putting a value on your people will create a thriving environment where they will feel their significance and importance to the company. This will make them more motivated and engaged to perform their daily tasks. Employees that are highly engaged are less likely to look for other jobs as they will see the value of staying in an organization that invests in their development.


Investing in programs that can boost the skills of employees is highly expected from employers. As we all know, skilled people thrive to consistently perform better and go beyond their limits. Highly skilled workers also become experts at their tasks and always ensure that productivity in the business is still at maximum if not exceeding.

Opportunities for Career Progression

By providing appropriate training for the employees, progression is most likely inevitable to happen in their career. Those investments are the company's stepping stones in preparing their employees as they advance in their careers. It is a process of properly equipping and thoroughly conditioning them, ensuring their skillfulness when they step up.

Talent Development in the New Normal

As the country transitions into the New Normal, HR processes have also been forced to transform innovatively. Since the start of quarantine in 2020, the HR Department is busy implementing new strategic designs that will adapt to the new normal while ensuring that employees' wellness is not at risk.

Here are some of the innovations in the major categories in Talent Development that you should consider adopting in the New Normal.

Leadership Development

One crucial goal a company should have is to develop leaders within the organization. Leadership development aims to produce quality and outstanding leaders that can soon take charge when the opportunity arises.

It is anticipated for most companies to include leadership development in their design thinking process. In that way, the business will continually succeed even if the current leaders decide to vacate their position in the future.

Upskilling and Reskilling

Work procedures and learning development set-up were innovated from the traditional way we have ever since the new normal started. As part of the business process, the company should prioritize upskilling their employees to adjust to this season's demand.

It is also essential to do recalibration and reskilling within the people to match the needs of their position. Catching up with the working insistence of the new normal is difficult, but with proper training and development programs, employees will most likely thrive.

Coaching and Mentoring

In this challenging season, proper career guidance and monitoring are things that employees usually seek. The company must show its support by coaching and mentoring its employees. In that way, they can pinpoint specific problems and areas of improvement that can be included in its development plans.

Though this might require time and too much effort, the company should understand a good harvest in performance and productivity once the program is appropriately executed. This might also require innovative solutions and upgraded software to accurately track and provide real-time feedback to your people.


Investing in technology is undeniably one of the most important investments that a company should make today to survive the new normal. Part of the innovation is designing a learning development system that will boost your employees' productivity by providing valuable training and essential self-help materials.

With technology, everything becomes possible regarding remote training and other employee development programs. In fact, employees can recommend and use the most effective eLearning format based on their preferences. Your people can also study according to their own learning pace, so they feel engaged while learning.


Ready to Invest in Talent Development?

Now that you know the innovations in those essential categories, it's time to create your own strategy to improve your company's Talent Development process. Just be careful to properly observe, analyze, and plan your design before implementing it to your teams.

In case you're lost in the process and in need of expert advice regarding your Talent Development Design, contact our Prevo team at, or you may visit us at We will assist you from the planning stage until you are ready to implement your customized design into your business.

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