The role of Agile learning in developing skills needed in the age of automation

While the COVID-19 pandemic marked a massive acceleration toward digital transformation, it is only a taste of what is yet to come. Even before the crisis, experts have already flagged the rise of technology and automation. As many as 375 million workers may need to find new jobs in 2030 because of automation, according to McKinsey & Company. The COVID-19 pandemic put an end to doubts that technology will soon be the end-all-be-all for businesses.

But why should the evolution (and denigration) of skills be of concern to companies -- not just the employees who are at risk in the increasingly digital future?

While humans will remain as the greatest resource for companies, they will need to work on skills that automation cannot replicate. The World Economic Forum named the top 15 skills that will emerge as the most important by 2025.

Top 15 skills for 2025