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Digital Wellness: Are your Employees Digi-fit?

Technology has been considerably felt during the start of new normal since almost every process from businesses to schools has been shifted online. Though we could certainly agree that this advancement in technology is one of the best results that COVID-19 has brought, you’ve probably realized that immersing in the digital world causes health issues to your employees.

Looking at the design of your workspace right now, have you created a digital-healthy environment for your people?

If yes, congratulations! You're definitely on the right track in adopting digital innovations in your business. If you haven't, fret not, we have some essentials to share so you can smoothly modify your working system in a digital-healthy way.

You may consider these essential factors in developing your own Digi-fit program!

Digital Health

There's no better way to start the topic of digital wellness than talking about your employee's health in their current set-up. The well-being of your people should be the top-most priority that you have to consider in designing or redesigning your company's working process.

If you find out that the company does not provide a digital-healthy working environment, check first the goals and other workload metrics that the company assigns to the employees. Possibly, limit meetings and other online discussions within one to two hours a day or, if not permissible, allow a reasonable amount of time for breaks in between sessions.

Another thing that your business might consider is investing in digital tracking apps to help your people monitor their computer usage in a certain period. The key here is to make your programs and routines more flexible and adjustable for the employees to balance digital usage and physical interactions in their lives.

Digital Identity

When we say digital identity, we're talking about your employees' presence within various online platforms. It is vital because it gives them purpose, quality interactions, and satisfaction as they strive to adapt to this new environment. .

By educating your employees regarding digital identity, they will understand the importance of their presence online when they're working or using their social media apps. In that way, they are becoming responsible and respectful in interacting in the digital world.It also opens awareness to your people that they should observe ethical manners, privacy, and integrity management in maintaining their presence online.

It will be helpful if the company will provide digital learning materials that tackle how to protect employees' identity when using online platforms.The key here is considering these programs as the company's way of investing in talent development, which helps them adjust to the new normal.

Digital Usage

Online community participation has been a helpful strategy to make your employees feel connected with each other even if they're literally far away from each other. But even if those communities are essential, there are still unhealthy factors that we should watch out for.

Due to mainstreaming online communities this new normal, people may tend to spend long hours facing their gadgets. This is alarming since it can deplete your employees' wellness.

As part of your business regulations, providing guidelines in your employee's digital usage should be implemented to avoid overworking and overstaying in front of the screen.

As much as possible, it is also necessary to include digital learnings regarding proper usage of electronic devices during and after their shift.

The key here is to teach them the mastery of digital management and control, so they enjoy the usage of online platforms without putting their health at risk.

Digital Safety

Believe it or not, online risks such as cyberbullying, obscenity, and radicalization are not just happening in online classrooms but are also present in online corporate meetings and conferences.

You should implement measures in preventing and avoiding these risks from happening in your business online. External factors such as scams, phishing, malware attacks, and hacking should also be considered when discussing your company's digital safety. In dealing with this, you might need to consult software and networking experts to strengthen your data privacy-protection tools. It will also help conduct online seminars about identifying online threats and scams that your employees might fall into.

The key here is awareness. If your people are aware of those online risks, they will be less likely to become victims.


Ready to Promote Digital Wellness in your Business?

Allow us to support you in building a digital-healthy workplace for your employees. We make it fun, engaging, and most of all- digital!

As they say, safe and well employees make up a thriving business.

If you want to know more about our services, please contact The Team at Prevo or visit our website to learn more about what we love to do!


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