Evolution of Leadership: Design Thinking for Leaders

Do you have what it takes to be a design-thinking leader?

Leadership has long shifted towards a more collaborative approach, fostering greater teamwork, productivity, innovation, and creativity. But the fundamental qualities of effective leaders haven’t really changed. We still need leaders who have a clear vision for the organization or the team, who can effectively communicate that vision in an inspiring and memorable way, who work hard, and are committed to the goals of the organization. We still need leaders who act and lead through influence, make decisions quickly despite uncertainty, and stay on top of developments both inside the organization. It is just the working environment that has changed over time so radically that we’ve all had to adapt how we lead and do our work in order to keep pace.

But unlike the bosses of yesterday, on top of the qualities they possess, leaders of today need to be nurturing, spontaneous and empathic to employees’ needs. This is due to the evolving members of the workplace - Millennial and Generation Z employees want leaders who empower them to make choices and overcome barriers while providing adequate training and mentoring necessary to achieve great things.

Likewise, they also need to give preferential focus on meeting the needs of end-users, knowing profits will follow.