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How Digital Leaders drive impact to the bottom line

In our recent webinar, we asked HR practitioners to define Employee Experience in their organization. We got an interesting mix of answers -- such as being able to adapt to the work easily, having a clear vision of one's role in the organization, or ensuring equity when it comes to the needs of employees.

Their answers encapsulate Gartner's definition of Employee Experience -- 'the interactions employees have across all touchpoints in their day-to-day work.'

But what did Gartner mean by touchpoints?

Source: Gartner

  • Leaders - Are leaders able to interact well with employees, clients, and fellow leaders? Do they communicate the company's vision, mission, and goals well to their people? Do employees like the leaders they work for? As the saying goes, people resign not from their jobs, but from their bosses.

  • Physical workplace - The COVID-19 pandemic has expanded the definition of the physical workplace, bringing it to the homes of their employees. With a negative employee experience and ineffective leadership, the boundary between the workplace and personal needs is blurred. This is also true in the era of hybrid workplaces. Companies and leaders must ask whether they have a clear safety plan if they intend to call their employees back to the physical workplace, even if it is just a gradual re-opening.

  • Systems and technology - Company systems have become more and more reliant on technology because of remote work. A successful organization knows how important it is to make system processes seamless and easy for all employees -- even if it's as simple as filing a leave, or viewing their pay slip. Complicated digital processes cause disruption to day-to-day operations.

  • Work processes - Do employees know the companies' work processes at the back of their hands? Do they know how to respond to concerns outside the standard operating procedures? Are they prepared and agile enough to address them, or do they at least know who to turn to?

  • Customers - How is the employees' relationship with customers? Are employees able to satisfy them? Do employees get real-time feedback on their services?

  • Co-workers - Do employees feel connected with their co-workers? Or do they feel that they are their own island at work? Leaders should ask: Do we have a strong company culture?

All these touchpoints are interconnected, and make up the ingredients in the Employee Experience Framework: Touchpoints + Culture + Strategy + Values. But why should they be relevant to your organization?

  • Employees are 4.17x more likely to be productive vs. not having an Employee Experience-focused strategy.

  • Employees are 1.64x more likely to have a high performance vs. not having an Employee Experience-focused strategy.

  • Employees are 1.65x more likely to stay with an organization vs. not having an Employee Experience-focused strategy.

  • Employees are 2.21x more likely to put in extra effort vs. not having an Employee

  • Experience-focused strategy.

Courtesy: Gartner

"Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he/she wants to do it." - Dwight Eisenhower

So the important question now is, how can leaders focus on winning the Employee Experience?

Times are changing. The answer is embedding company culture, strategy, and values in technology. And this is heavily influenced by an effective digital leader.

Companies like Google, Cisco, LinkedIn, Procter & Gamble, IBM, and PepsiCo are investing in driving growth for their businesses by shaping a people-centric and technology-enabled organization. The key is having the right skill sets for leaders to thrive and influence high performance in a digital workplace.

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