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5 Essential Technologies and Innovations that PH Companies Should Invest for their HR Operations

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Through the years, human resources have been innovating and improving their service to their people. Technology has been a helpful tool in making their dynamic steps turn into stories of achievements and success.

As businesses worldwide slowly shift their manual process into automated digital systems, companies here in the Philippines are still doing the slow traditional procedures. Sadly, most of those procedures deal with human resource operations.

The real backbone of a business is not the products or services of the company, it's the people who keep everything intact and thriving. Thus, it's desirable that the company should invest more in improving the quality of programs, tools, and processes that could give essential benefits to the employees. After all, the people, as the company's backbone, should always be treated with utmost importance and care.

Though technology and innovation are still being ignored by most businesses in the Philippines, some have embraced digitalization and automation in their HR department. They opt to integrate the procedures, thus eliminating the complexity of the manual or what they called the "paper-based" process.

Before transitioning your business, make sure that the organization completely understands the importance of automation and technology. To give you a better insight into how practical these innovations are, let us give you a list of human resource technologies and innovations that can help your business today.

1. An End-to-End Recruitment Platform

The HR process typically starts by sourcing, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding talents. These procedures are vital since getting the right people is essential for the company's growth. Aside from being challenging and complicated, those processes also have tons of admin tasks and paperwork.

With the help of end-to-end recruitment software, you can eliminate admin tasks that are usually time-consuming, giving the HR operation more time to focus on critical responsibilities.

The company's recruitment process will be much more straightforward and automated through essential features like instant candidate matching, exploring an unlimited pool of resumes from different portals, and automatically messaging qualified candidates. You can also integrate this end-to-end recruitment software into your company's applicant tracking system, eliminating the manual process of adding profiles.

2. Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

This HRIS innovation is already familiar to those who are working in the HR department. Managing employee details and status, leave credits, benefits, and compensations are crucial processes in the human resource operation.

Traditionally, you will need to manually check and verify everything, making it tedious and time-consuming. But with the help of HRIS integration, you'll be a few clicks away from navigating each employee profile in your company.

This will also give your payroll and accounting department a breather since everything is automated, making benefits and compensation more accurate and always on time. Furthermore, most of the HRIS software offers digital payslip, which can save your company's budget from costly printing and can actually contribute to conserving nature.

3. Employee Engagement Tools

It is also vital to recognize key players' achievements in your company, especially during this pandemic. With appropriate rewards and heartwarming recognition, the employee's desire to improve their performance will surely boost.

There are free engagement tools that you can start to partner with that can eliminate manual works on your part. The only time you will pay is when an employee redeems points in exchange for a specific reward on the software's product or voucher list.

You will also have the capability to group-specific employees for certain company activities and automatically release their prizes once the game ends. Apparently, some software can suggest activities that relate to the current season. In that way, the workforce would feel the engagement and fun within the company without spending too much work in planning and organizing it.

4. Task Management Software

As important as hiring and monitoring employee profiles, it is also essential for the HR team to monitor the whole company's tasks and activities. In that way, they can easily track performance and compute each employee's necessary bonus or commission. Imagine how tedious it will be if everyone needs to manually input everything on a single tracker.

By investing in task management software, the HR department can accurately monitor each employee's performance without doing the traditional manual process that takes weeks or months to accomplish.

This software is also necessary nowadays since most of the employees are working remotely at home. In that case, even working far away from each other, the HR team can track real-time progress and outputs.

5. Digital Learning

With the effect of the pandemic, most companies were forced to transition some of their functions online to continue their operation.

Most of the companies here in the country already prioritize social media for branding and recruiting purposes. But, we’re not just talking about the usage of social media platforms here, we’re also dealing with eLearning and digital training that you can conveniently access through smartphones or other digital devices.

With this type of platform, learning can become more interactive and fun especially when using specific online tools that can relate to the current generation. Say goodbye to long, boring, and old-school training discussions.


Start Innovating Your Human Resource Process

Technology is now a big necessity in improving a company's productivity through eliminating minor tasks and redundant processes. Most organizations have already adopted this system and are successfully implementing it to prioritize other essential functions in their workload.

With all the important benefits that technology and innovation are offering in your HR operation, We’re sure that you are already interested in upgrading your business process. You can start by identifying the goals of the business and the necessary technology that you think might drive impact on your business goals. The transition might be tough, especially when you're not familiar with those innovation options.


If you don't know where to start your innovation journey, contact our team at and you may visit us so we can assist you further in planning out and identifying the best road map that you can take regarding your challenges to successfully automate and digitize your HR process.

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