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Great Job, HR!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

For helping employees and businesses running and thriving,

well done HR!

The Covid-19 has changed the playing field for all organizations, and the need to shift to new ways of working to keep companies going and thriving has been mostly on the plate of Human Resource Officers or Teams.

But even before the pandemic, the go-to team for organization effectiveness and support on office matters will always be the HR.

Setting up meetings? Okay! Managing finances? Easy. Offering development programs to build the digital skills of employees? No sweat!

With their massive contribution to operations, we all agree that their work is, therefore, worth celebrating.

Here’s an in-depth description of what the HR department does that leads to the organization’s growth, in observance of the Human Resource Professional Day.

The role of HR in day-to-day operations

1. They manage the employee cycle

No matter how weird it sounds, the HR department shelters the best people who understand and identify the organization’s needs, and ensure that those are met through recruitment.

Creating accurate job descriptions, advertising the position, arranging and conducting a number of interviews, onboarding the right candidates on right roles for reasonable compensation, checking on the employees’ capacity building needs, and managing relevant company tools and systems- these are only a few of the critical tasks of the HR professionals to ensure the expansion and continuity of the organization.

2. Ensuring employee motivation and engagement

Employee motivation is one of the most important factors to ensure the better organizational performance. Motivated employees have increased productivity, which will lead to improved customer service and overall performance.

Improved customer service produces better sales, which now open doors for the introduction of new products or services, expanding your market, or increasing your marketing activities.

It is a superhuman task to show considerable interest in what the best ways might be effective to develop continuous and ongoing employee motivation.

But it is native to HR’s realm of responsibilities.

3. Processing of payroll and benefits

No matter how taxing the process may be, HR professionals need not be reminded of the importance of systemized and updated compensation and benefits systems to ensure job satisfaction and employee retention.

4. Dispute/Conflict management

HR professionals often become referees, but not in the usual stripes uniform. The HR stands in between personnel having conflict with each other or with the management.

In some cases, when disputes go beyond control, HR will elevate the concern to the higher Executives to seek guidance on how to resolve the issue at hand.

Managing conflict will address internal relationship issues, and can help prevent negative and stressful working environments.

5. Maintaining policies and HR records

Maintaining HR records is mandated by law to identify and verify employee work eligibility results.

While we could go through the long list of the usual tasks of HR professionals, we could never deny that their tasks are crucial in providing a compelling environment for the entire workforce. And it takes them strong interpersonal skills and overflowing self-motivation to deliver the challenging role.

So, if you got time today, go and thank your HR for a job well done!

What is Human Resource Professional Day?

Every 26th of September, Human Resource Professional Day is celebrated to pay tribute to professionals working in the Human Resource departments across the globe. The observance raises awareness of their role in ensuring the smooth and clear functioning of the organization.


Interested in Building the Greatest HR Department?

The human resources department heavily contributes to a company’s culture. Building a strong one will pave the way for success. Planning on building now?

Get in touch with us! We offer a human-centered design process, tools, and programs to help organizations innovate their employee experiences.

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