Where Filipinos can find online courses to develop their digital skills

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

With technology, Filipinos have access to millions of online courses from around the world, right at their fingertips. But don't you wish you had more opportunities to learn from fellow Pinoys?

There's just something about being able to learn from someone whose footsteps you want to follow, or discovering new role models in the industry. Those who love learning will take the initiative to learn from these people -- whether it's as simple as following them on LinkedIn, attending their seminars, or if they're lucky, approaching them at work.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities have heavily shifted online. Filipino digital learners know that the COVID-19 pandemic sparked worldwide interest in e-courses -- whether that's through Udemy, Coursera, Harvard Academy, or even those mini-courses on LinkedIn Learning. Almost all the top course offerings were technology-related. Learners around the globe know: it is time to build digital skills for the future

Courtesy: Udemy, June 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report