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Where Filipinos can find online courses to develop their digital skills

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

With technology, Filipinos have access to millions of online courses from around the world, right at their fingertips. But don't you wish you had more opportunities to learn from fellow Pinoys?

There's just something about being able to learn from someone whose footsteps you want to follow, or discovering new role models in the industry. Those who love learning will take the initiative to learn from these people -- whether it's as simple as following them on LinkedIn, attending their seminars, or if they're lucky, approaching them at work.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, opportunities have heavily shifted online. Filipino digital learners know that the COVID-19 pandemic sparked worldwide interest in e-courses -- whether that's through Udemy, Coursera, Harvard Academy, or even those mini-courses on LinkedIn Learning. Almost all the top course offerings were technology-related. Learners around the globe know: it is time to build digital skills for the future

Courtesy: Udemy, June 2021 Workplace Learning Trends Report

Courtesy: Coursera 2020 Impact Report

And the Philippines? While it is taking strides, it might still feel like a scarce market since it isn't as competitive as its regional peers when it comes to harnessing technology. (A World Bank study shows the country lags in adapting tools for digital payments, e-commerce, telemedicine, and online education.) But the local scene is also a growing community of tech startups, innovators, and professionals who want to help address that gap -- by sharing their knowledge with both older and younger generations because the time to be digital is now.

Here's a list of e-learning platforms for Filipinos looking to boost their digital skills.

A 24-year-old founded Course Belt for students and people who lost their jobs to COVID-19 last year. Course Belt seeks to improve their skills and to make them more marketable to international companies. But employees who are looking to upskill their digital knowledge can also learn a thing or two from the courses on the platform.

Course Belt offers various lessons from Facebook Ads, WordPress, SEO, programming, and even the art of freelancing. Think of it as the Philippine version of Udemy. The best part is, course prices are as low as PHP199 - PHP499!

Esme calls itself an 'E-learning Marketplace' -- and rightfully so. It offers a wide range of courses for all kinds of topics: Business, Design, IT & Software, and even Fitness. Some well-known personalities on Esme are writer Ricky Lee and mental health advocate Gia Sison.

Some lessons are free, while some come with a heavier price tag. But the return on investment is worth it because of the value your digital skills bring to the organization.

Trusted by companies such as Microsoft, Jobstreet, and Alibaba, Luna Academy offers around 300 courses related to digital learning. From simple lessons on Microsoft 365 to advanced courses on cloud technology, Luna Academy has everything for IT professionals, digital learners, and companies that want to accelerate their digital transformation.

Courses range from P700 to P3,899. While they could be a bit pricey, it is worth the investment because clients are provided world-class programs, hands-on learning, and access to top-tier experts from business affiliates and government agencies. Digital credentials and certifications are also provided by the end of each course.

LYON is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play platform to grow and scale training programs in the modern world.

Flexible with how you do business. Whether you’re a school, training center, or an individual educator, Lyon has you covered. Automate your process from onboarding, payment, content creation, to distributing certificates. Design a learning experience that’s fun, engaging, and rewarding for your students. Easily create quizzes, upload videos, schedule live sessions with self-paced materials, and manage your content with Lyon’s course builder.

Prevo Design x Innovation (Lyon | Prevo Design x Innovation)

Prevo offers more than just the technical aspects of technology. It puts the human and leadership side to implementing rapid digital changes. Any workplace can have the tools, but not every leader will know how to maximize technology to make its team members agile, innovative, and productive.

It can be overwhelming to start with all the information evolving at unprecedented speeds, so we want you to get to the core of why technology matters: for the people.

Prevo offers courses on digital transformation, agile learning, and design thinking -- all focusing on the Philippine context and culture. The best part is, most of these courses are free. We're trusted by the Department of Health and the World Health Organization, as well as students, budding professionals, and anyone who wants to get ahead in this increasingly digital age.

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  • We promise it will be fun, interactive, and it won't be your typical classroom session.

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