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Coping up with the Rise of Digital Learning

When the COVID-19 pandemic hits the world, there comes the advent of digital learning platforms to support the need for governments, learning institutions, businesses, and organizations to transition from business-as-usual to online.

Businesses that rely on “foot traffic” and in-person transactions are struggling to stay afloat. Professionals are forced to rethink their continuity plans and devise a digital learning strategy to embrace the new normal. For remote employees, not only are online courses and other digital solutions efficient, they may be the only options available right now. Increasing access, therefore, is more crucial than ever.

Is digital learning a good investment for organizations?

Investing considerable resources in learning & development to enhance human capital should be one of the priorities of every company.

Its benefits for employers are vast as it offers more flexibility and is more attuned to today’s situation where most are working from home or remotely. Wherever your employees are, digital learning provides them the opportunity to join, experience, and share knowledge with every member attending.

Further, investing in digital learning and talent development is a cost-effective benefit. Using computer and online-based training or learning materials for both newly hired and current employees will provide consistent messaging and hand them the in-demand skills they need to up their performance and deliver more from what is expected from them.

Career growth is important for workers. Utilizing digital learning options can help employees grow into a new role, and help them gain the knowledge they want out of the learning situations they are placed in.

Aside from these, how do digital learning positively influence organizations?

1. The birth of digital leaders: Our current situation requires a continuously evolving mindset and maximization of new digital-era competitive levers. With enough opportunities and technological innovations in place, successful digital transformation and digital leaders will emerge.

Digital leaders are known to be adaptive and capable of navigating uncertainty which is particularly important now, to make necessary shifts swiftly and do so without disrupting other initiatives and strategies underway.

2. Revenue growth and return of investment: A workplace imploring digital learning facilitates improved engagement and knowledge retention.

With a reduced amount spent compared to classroom setup learning, this makes training more efficient and cheaper. When employees are properly trained, the digital space can be widely used for advertising which directly influences sales and profits.

3. Catering millennials in the workforce: Millennials are believed to be dominating the industry today, and employers need to get a better understanding of what kind of experiences they expect from the organizations.

Their changing needs have opened doors for a radical change in the workplace learning environment. This generation has grown up with convenience - computers, handphones, the internet, and a plethora of associated digital technology. The future of work is mobile for this generation. With this, they are more comfortable with online training.

Certainly, one of the effective ways to attract, engage and keep millennials is to migrate access to work-related tasks virtually.

4. L&D is now a Core Business Development Area: Ultimately, the COVID-19 pandemic has called for a paradigm shift not only in the health sector and crisis management. It has also put learning and development at the core of business priority and organizational goals. Skills building and knowledge retention are now regarded as strategic business development operations to facilitate innovation and foster a culture of continuous learning and collaboration within the organization.


Is your organization ready to implement Digital Learning?

Digital learning is the new ‘in’ for all industries.

With our expertise, we have the tools and technologies to help you and your organization create an employee-centered experience with all the advantages of online learning designed to also fit your organization’s unique needs.

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