Digital leaders are made, not born -- Here's how

As the global workforce continues to accelerate its digital transformation at an unprecedented rate, businesses must remember that investing in technology and digital infrastructure is only one part of it. They must also invest in digital leaders who can navigate their organization and team through these digital changes. To be able to do so, they must be up to speed with technological disruptions.

It is easier said than done. Several companies have already dropped out of the race or are dwindling because they lack the foresight and agility needed to adapt to digital transformation shifts. Case-in-point: Skype did not seize the opportunity to become the top video conferencing platform when the whole world went into lockdown, despite being older than Zoom. We can all remember how we used to have Skype on the top of our minds when it comes to virtual meetings.

The good news is: Digital leaders are made, not born.

Digital leadership is a mindset, where the necessary skills and knowledge are developed through time, effort, and practice. It is an investment often overlooked in most companies' digital transformation.

How do you cultivate that mindset? Gartner identifies seven qualities of highly-successful digital leaders. Read on if you want to know how to embody those much-coveted characteristics.