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Redesigning HR Programs for the New Normal

When faced with challenges, it has always been “define the problem, generate ideas, evaluate and select solutions, and implement and evaluate”. But presented an uncertain, daunting challenge like of COVID-19 pandemic, conventional and traditional approaches will never suffice. Developing an effective human resource strategy at this crucial time requires a change of mindset and embracing of complexity consciousness – and effective HR programs could be the heart of it.

A year into the pandemic, we must take note of what we’ve learned in charting new courses of strategies to improve HR and organizational performance. Listed below are some of the day-to-day functions and programming of HR redesigned to cope with the new normal:

Improving communication

Face-to-face interactions are put to a minimum or even highly discouraged in the meantime. While working remotely, start by further improving your organizational communication by connecting each and everyone using a variety of tools aimed at boosting conversational power anywhere you are.

Employee-centered programs

Programs should have a basis, and in an organization where resources are valued, the HR department must be able to develop programs that best suit the needs and interests of its employees.

Feedback to and from employees

Feedback mechanisms provide the HR and top management with data and perceptions from primary stakeholders – this time with an emphasis on employees. Since most organizations are almost new to the new normal setup, there should be an ideal feedback process that involves the gathering of feedback and the communication of a response, which forms a ‘feedback loop’ to ensure that the right instruments are in place to ensure business continuity.

An institution that looks at everything through the employees' lens is likely to invest in approaches that are more forward-thinking than the standard provision of work.

Digital archiving

Digitization or going paperless presents a wide array of opportunities for your organization. For one, having digital and centralized files speeds up communication and allows for working on cross-functional projects.

What are the key indicators to know that your HR programs are effective?

1. Employee retention

HR plays an essential role in maintaining current talent. Time and resources invested in enhancing existing HR programs help keep employees motivated and fully productive, reduce the chances of employee turnover, and help attract best talents in the market.

High turnover may be harmful to a company’s overall performance if skilled workers are often leaving your doorsteps, and the worker population mostly contains new or apprentice workers.

If your organization managed to secure employee retention, soon, talented and motivated employees will fill the positions and contribute to the organization's overall success.

2. Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is another key indicator of HR effectiveness. Related to feedback, employee satisfaction will provide the HR teams an idea of how employees feel about their job, the organization’s learning curve, working environment, and company culture. If employees are satisfied, they exhibit increased commitment and productivity.

3. Company Culture

Company culture is the sum of an organization's attitudes, ideas, and attributes. Company culture establishes the connection between the employees and the organization. It creates a sense of belonging, giving them a feeling of “identity.” High employee retention and employee satisfaction indicate a strong company culture.

In conclusion, the HR department must be at the forefront of adopting the principle of “learning agility.” If their business-as-usual practices don't change, HR will be left behind. Redesigning HR programs is crucial to still thrive even in the era of the new normal.


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